The story of Grim

part 1

The legend of Grim and our town that shares his name begins in 9th century Denmark…

In battle, King Gunnar of Denmark is killed by Hodolf, a treacherous invader who claimed the throne for himself.

With Gunnar’s rightful heir, Prince Havelok, posing a threat to Hodolf’s long-term claim, he acted swiftly. Targeting the young prince, Hodolf kidnapped and concealed the seven-year-old boy in a sack, handing it to an unwitting merchant trader at the port with the simple demand of disposing of its contents, never to be seen again. When the king demands, you don’t say no!

The trader in question was Grim, a husband and father of five who frequently transported goods between Denmark and the Kingdom of Lindsey, now modern day Lincolnshire…


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