The Vikings are coming!

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Grim FalFest: ‘The best thing to happen to Grimsby in years’

What happened at Grim FalFest 2023?
Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s Grim FalFest – it was amazing to see such incredible support. From the waterfront and St James’ Square to People’s Park, Grim and his Vikings took over Grimsby once again and we welcomed them back with open arms. Events included medieval villages, battle re-enactments, a horse display and parade –to name just a few.

Same time next year?
In an independent post-event survey, 99.8 per cent of visitors said they would attendGrim FalFest if it was to return next year. So, it’s safe to say there’s certainly a strong appetite for the festival’s return. The HeritageLottery Fund support has now come to an end and our team are underway with conversations to explore the return Grim and his Vikings next year and beyond.

Help keep Grim’s story alive
We cannot relyon funding alone, so if you’re a local business and would like to find out how you can be involved, get in touch here. 

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To all Vikings of Grimsby!
Who sail from these shores,
Your hometown will rise and call you to return once more.

Safe passage Grimbarians!
Standby to heedour call,
And on such a day, Grim will carry Havelok on high tide,
And rise once again,
At the
FalFest of Grim.


Three days of dramatic events begins on Friday 8th September 2023

Download the leaflet

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